Client Reviews!


“Katelyn was our doula in April 2017 for the birth of our first child. While we were familiar with what a doula does, we were on the fence with whether or not we would get/need one. SO glad we did! Labors rarely goes as expected and while we were lucky enough to bring a healthy baby girl into the world, 52 hours is a long labor. 24 hours of that labor was in the hospital and thank god for Katelyn. Katelyn was warm, professional and supported us in just the right way. She was with us for the entire 24 period and due to some complications, we had one shot for a vaginal birth. If not enough progress was made, we would need to get a c-section. At that point we were all exhausted and we truly believe that if we didn’t have Katelyn’s support, we would’ve had to get the c-section. Katelyn is a natural and knows exactly when and how to jump in. She helped us through a few tough decisions and many massages through the very many contractions. My hands/arms would not have been able to do it alone! Katelyn is hands down a 10. Since our birth, I would suggest 100% of people hire a doula. We had such a wonderful experience. If you’d ever like to ask additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at and I will be happy to share more about our experience! She’s incredible and you should hire her.”
   – Chad and Kerissa Werner
“I just delivered my newest squish 12 days ago via vbac and Katelyn was an amazing help! We met at the beginning of my pregnancy and it felt like a great fit from the get go! Katelyn was always available to me throughout my pregnancy and when the big day came she was there in all the right ways, bringing essential oils, counter pressure and encouragement. Even though I went into labor before our final prenatal visit she remembered all of my quarks we had discussed at our first meeting. She stayed with us until we were latched and nursing and continued to check in over the next week and a half. Through an all night, natural labor and birth Katelyn was a great addition to my l&d team and I’ll be recommending her services to all my expecting friends!!!!” 
-Serenity Heil